Book Reviews

The GMO Tipping Point: How to get GM food out of your diet (Urban Garden Magazine - February 2010)

Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe? (Newsmax Health - January 2010)

The Big GMO Cover-Up (Urban Garden Magazine - November 2009)

Former author talks about dangers of modified foods

Eco-Farm: Seeds of ignorance

Praise for Genetic Roulette

Science or nonsense? Two sides of the GM debate (noseweek - January 2006)

Modified feed ‘bad for SA’s meat, dairy export hopes’ (BusinessDay - September 20, 2005)

Rammed down our throats, noseweek, September 2005 (PDF)

Review - The Byrne Report: Counter Deception by Peter Byrne

Review - The Vortex: American Chemical Society by Lou Rigali

Seeds of Deception: Author Exposes the Corrupt Science of GMOs (PDF)

Seeds of Deception: A GM thriller (Soil Association - May 17, 2004)

Researcher Warns of Risk with GM Food (Organic Trade Services - May 12, 2004)

Growing Concerns: Unearthing the dirt behind the rise of GMOs (Seven Days - April 5, 2004)

Review: Good Enough to Eat? I Doubt It (Sydney Morning Herald - April 3, 2004)

Article: Seeds of Deception Tour Helping to Shape Policy (Fairfield Weekly Reader - April 2004)

UK edition foreword by Michael Meacher, former UK Environment Minister

Are GE Foods Dangerous? (This Is Food Quality - Feb/March 2004)

Hard to Swallow (The Star [Malaysia] - March 02, 2004)

Excerpted Review (Publishers Weekly)

Review (GM Weekly - December 2003)

Review (Weston A. Price Foundation Magazine - December 2003)

Review (Townsend - December 2003)

Review (Catalyst - December 2003)

Article (Brattleboro Reformer - October 3, 2003)

Article (Greenfield Recorder - October 3, 2003)

Review by a dairy industry newspaper (The Milkweed - September, 2003)

Article by Jeffrey Smith in a Chicago monthly magazine (Conscious Choice - August 2003)

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