Action Tool Kit

Let others know why you buy non-GMO!

Consumers are at the top of the food chain. Each time you and your friends spend your $$$ on non-GMO food brands, you add your voice to the growing concern of over 87 million Americans about the safety of genetically engineered foods in the market place.

Please download, freely copy and distribute these tools from our Action Tool Kit:

PowerPoint Presentation

Non-GMO Shopping Guide (PDF)

Health Risk Brochure (PDF)

Showing Guide for The World According to Monsanto

Discussion Guide (PDF)

The Non-GMO Shopping Guide and Health Risk Brochure are available in bulk at our cost. If that poses a financial hardship, contact us.

For Events

If you are a part of an organization that exhibits at public events and want to highlight this issue and the Campaign, you may want the following materials for your staff as well.

FAQs (also suitable to be divided into a series of articles for a newsletter)

Quiz (PDF)

The Non-GMO Education Center is available at wholesale to groups who can sell the products to raise funds.

Download our Letter to Suppliers (doc) Customize it and send it to your suppliers letting them know you are requesting that their supplies to your events be GM-free or have non-GMO labeling.

Download, customize and distribute our Letter to Grocery Stores. (doc) We recommend giving them a Health Risks and Non-GMO Shopping Guide brochure as well.

Download customize and distribute our Letter to Restaurants. (doc) We recommend giving them a Health Risks and Non-GMO Shopping Guide brochure as well.

For a newsletter or website

In addition to the above, the following maybe useful:


Videos and Audio Materials

For questions, suggestions or special requests, contact:

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Use any of the above freely in your newsletter; just send us a copy at

$pend your food dollars on healthy non-GMO brands!

Let us know what you are doing! Share your ideas and let us know if there are other materials that would be helpful.