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Originally published in GMO Science. Cancers may take decades to develop, so they are often not seen until later in life. However, childhood cancers have risen globally by 13% over the past two decades, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the World Health Organization’s cancer research agency.[1] Childhood leukemia is still rare but nonetheless tops the list for the most common
Jeffrey proposes a powerful mind-shifting and priority-shifting strategy for 2019. Watch the New Year’s message here.
To the White House, USDA, and US food companies We thoroughly reject the USDA’s fake GMO labeling policy as a blatant attempt to help food companies hide the GMO content from concerned consumers. We demand that the government craft a new policy that provides real transparency. We also demand food companies voluntarily provide that transparency, and most certainly not use the fake labeling policy to hide GMO
Jeffrey Smith goes live on Facebook and discusses the USDA’s announcement, a FAKE GMO Labeling Policy, probably written by Monsanto. Sign the petition, share this with others, and don’t believe the USDA’s lies.
Two bottles of soybean oil sit on a grocery store shelf. Both contain genetically modified (GM) soybeans from the same crop. One bottle is labelled as a GM product, the other is not. Both are in compliance with the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) new GM food labeling rules (pdf). Confused? You’re not alone. Policymakers at the USDA built a massive loophole into its new rule that