10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs

We are constructing the top 10 reasons to avoid eating GMOs. Before we fill in the details and polish this up, we’d like to get your opinion. Is this the best 10? Should some be kicked out, combined, or replaced. Are there better ones?

Please write your suggestions in the comment section below, to help us prepare.


Jeffrey Smith

10 Reasons to Avoid GMOs

  1. GMOs carry significant health dangers
  2. Releasing GMOs out doors leads to irreversible contamination of the ecosystem
  3. The use of the herbicide Roundup is dramatically increased with GM Roundup Ready crops, which negatively affects human, animal, plant, and environmental health
  4. The process of genetic engineering is imprecise, fraught with unpredicted side effects, and based on obsolete assumptions
  5. The regulations and approvals of GMOs are insufficient to protect human health and the environment
  6. The industry-funded research is superficial, and largely rigged to avoid finding problems
  7. Independent scientists who discover problems are attacked, media seeking to expose problems are censored
  8. GMOs lead to environmental problems such as loss of bio-diversity and harm to birds, insects, and soil ecology
  9. GMOs do not help feed the world, but rather work against that urgent goal
  10. By avoiding GMOs, you help generate the tipping point of consumer rejection