175 Days on the Road, 2011

I talked to pioneers at Bioneers, birders at Audubon,
Gardeners at the Seed Fest, and greenies at the Greenfest.

To children at a charter school, purchasers at hospitals,
and managers of campus dining halls.

To mothers in Marin, farmers in Minnesota, and Amish in Ohio.
To meditators in Manhattan, protesters in Seattle, and agitators in San Francisco.

To practitioners of naturopathy, integrative allopathy, and traditional iridology.

To Chico Weston Pricers, Fairfield raw foodists,
To vegans in LA, steak eaters in Texas

At UC Berkeley, Cal Tech, and Cal Poly Pomona.
At Union College, Weatherford College, and .

At Loma Linda School of Public Health and Toronto Total Health.

At two Health Freedom Expos,
two Natural Products Expos, and
two Rotary Clubs in
two countries.

At Vitamin Cottage Natural Grocers,
Berlin Natural Bakery,
Marlene’s Natural Foods.

At “Justice Begins with Seeds”
and the “Heirloom Seed Expo.”
Hosted by GMO-Free and Right2Know,

I also danced at Farm Aid,
Hiked mountains near Hanoi,
Dodged traffic in New Delhi
And Climbed the Great Wall

And along the way, I watched as the coming non-GMO world grew wings.
I’m grateful.

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Thanks so much,



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