Bowerville (St. Cloud), Minnesota

Our group met already twice to share a GMO-free dinner. As usual, the food was abundant and healthy but we did have to ban a couple of items that came in the door! Not all members show up every time we meet, but we also have new faces, and there is great excitement about the plans we made. We decided we needed a name and, after brainstorming, we arrived at The Healthy Eating Network. … Read More Bowerville (St. Cloud), Minnesota

GMO-Free Florida: The Momentum is Rolling!

by Trish Sheldon

With co-leaders Mel and Atiya, I facilitate the Action Group for ‘GMO Free Florida’ and the ‘Millions Against Monsanto, Florida Chapter’.
We are working on multiple fronts:

– looking into several Florida (local & state) labeling initiatives and networking with our newly active Non-GMO groups across Florida;
– doing Outreach, Leafleting, Speaking, Film Screenings, Petition Signing, Letters to our Constituents and Direct Action.
– I also take clients shopping to show them how to ‘really’ read labels, advise on what to buy or avoid and I speak at Mommy & Me groups.
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GMO Free Idaho: World Food Day and How We are Moving Forward

by Jenny Easley

We had a great event on World Food Day, with 50 to 60 people attending notwithstanding pouring rain. Two news channels showed up as a result of our press release, and the event was featured the following evening. We suspect the station managers are not aware of the hornet’s nest they kicked by doing so–Monsanto, Forage, American Crystal Sugar and Syngenta are strong forces here in Idaho.

Besides Jenny and Leslie, we had guest speakers: Phil Geertson, a local alfalfa seed farmer who is currently the lead plaintiff in a suit against USDA and Monsanto. His case has been taken up by the Center for Food Safety. Phil spoke about the cross contamination of alfalfa and how it has severely impacted our seed exports. He also spoke about a study he paid for, during the first deregulation, to test feral alfalfa seed from three different counties in Oregon and Idaho: 9 out of 10 samples of feral alfalfa were positive for the GMO gene. … Read More GMO Free Idaho: World Food Day and How We are Moving Forward

GMO Free Los Angeles/ GMO Free Southern California

by Stacey Hall

GMO Free Los Angeles began in January of 2011, a few months after the Institute for Responsible Technology launched the Tipping Point Network. We started out slowly, and only a few of us showed up to the first meetings. Last March we had a big rally in Los Angeles along with the Millions Against Monsanto campaign to label GMOs. We were so excited to see Jeffrey Smith show up at our rally and he also helped us organize our activists while speaking at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach. That meeting spawned 3 different groups in the Los Angeles vicinity – W. Los Angeles, Pasadena and North Los Angeles -Ventura. … Read More GMO Free Los Angeles/ GMO Free Southern California

From Hawai’i

Do you know that Hawai’i is ground zero for GMO crop experimentation? We have more permits for open air field tests than any other place on Earth. Chemical companies such as Syngenta, Pioneer/DuPont, Dow and Monsanto are experimenting with herbicide resistant and pesticide producing transgenic crops such as corn, soy, sunflower, rice, and papaya.
These tests are occurring near our schools and neighborhoods. … Read More From Hawai’i