• gm dangers

    Before the FDA decided to allow GMOs into food without labeling, FDA scientists had repeatedly warned that GM foods can create unpredictable, hard-to-detect side effects, including allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems. They urged long-term safety studies, but were ignored.

  • GMOS are  Dynamite

    If you have never heard about genetically modified organisms(GMOs), you may not know that they may be one of the most
    dangerous health and environmental problems we face. Animal studies show GMOs cause immune and insulin problems,organ damage, gastrointestinal dysfunction, accelerated aging, and higher death rates. Those risks have lead The American Academy of Environmental Medicine to ask physicians to advise all patients to avoid GM foods.

    The Campaign’s goal is push GMOs out of the entire food supply,
    protecting our health and the health of future generations.

    The key is creating a tipping point where a sufficient number of shoppers in the US avoid GM ingredients, and force major food companies to stop using them. We’ve already seen a tipping point in the use of genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH or rbST) in the U.S. Consumer concerns forced Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Kroger, Dannon, Yoplait and most of the 100 top US dairies to remove products from cows treated with rbGH or rbST. It’s time to turn GMOs into a marketing liability and
    reach the tipping point against all GM ingredients.

    Help Push GMOs Out of the Food Supply

    Buy Non-GMO
    Start eating healthier now! Use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide to eliminate GMOs from your diet. Buy non-GMO and organic food products and ask your local store managers to carry non-GMO products.

    Campaign for Healthier Eating in America

    Join the Campaign!

    Become a member (it’s free!)…and be a part of the Non-GMO tipping point. Keep current on the issues with our e-newsletter Spilling the Beans.

    Educate Yourself
    Get the Facts…about the health risks of GMOs and how to avoid them.
    Quickly become an “expert” on GMOs by using the information provided here.

    Involve Others by Taking Local Action

    Spread the Word…to friends and family members. Help others learn how to avoid GMOS.

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    Engage Your Community
    Use the Campaign materials and Action Tool Kits at our
    website to engage your community and create a buzz
    on this issue:

    • Send this information through your social media networks
    • Distribute Non-GMO educational materials at events
    • Organize a house party to show one of our DVDs
    • Inspire restaurants to offer non-GM food
    • Get other organizations involved
    • Meet with others to form a local action group

    By working together, we can reach the tipping point of consumer rejection and Make It Happen!
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    Remember to Sign the Petition to President Obama for meaningful GMO labeling!