The DARK Act Defeated- For Now

Congratulations everyone. We did it.  Thanks to all of your calls and emails to US Senators, the DARK Act (Denying Americans the Right to Know) was blocked in the Senate on Wednesday morning March 16, with a vote of 49 to 48.  Due to a political maneuver to keep the issue open, this is a developing story and we expect that there will be another chance to keep fighting in the coming days and weeks.

While the message has been sent to the DARK Act sponsors that they will not have a landslide win, this issue is not yet put to rest. Check to see how your own Senator voted on the DARK Act by clicking the Senate roll call.  If you see  “Yea” written next to your Senator’s name, that means they voted FOR the DARK Act. Give them a call through the Capitol switchboard and send an email stating your position against federal-level preemption of state GMO labeling efforts.  If you see “Nay,” send your Senator a note thanking them for their vote and emphasizing how important it is that they stand firm in their position when the time comes to vote once more.

Either way, be sure to share IRT’s The Great GMO Cover-Up ad in The Hill that was timed to be on every Senator’s desk Tuesday morning just before the Senate GMO debate unexpectedly began. Congratulations on this victory and be ready to organize again very soon!