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  • Pediatricians report significant health changes in children after the introduction of GMOs.
  • Children are more at risk.
  • Children get better on a non-GMO, organic diet.

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Children are at higher risk



How to Protect Your Kids – Parent’s Toolkit


Pediatrician Dr. Michelle Perro MD. is recognized as one of the top pediatricians in America many years in a row and she wrote the book What’s Making Our Children Sick.

Dr. Perro saw that soon after GMOs were introduced into the food supply, significant changes appeared in the health patterns of the children in her practice and she couldn’t figure it out. She said, “she was reading one of Jeffrey’s books and an alarm bell went off and she realized it was probably the GMOs and the Roundup.”

She started the children and their families on organic diets and things became a lot easier. All of a sudden, she could start treating these complex diseases that were rare before and are now commonplace.

We hear many pediatricians describe changes in the health of the children soon after GMOs were put into the food supply. We can go through all the standard children’s diseases and they may all be related in part to this. It’s obviously not the only thing contributing to it, but we think that these changes in the food represent major contributors.

Children are more at risk from the potential dangers. They have higher levels of allergies as a percentage, especially children under the age of 2. They’re more susceptible to milk sensitivity and allergies because a lot of them drink milk as a regular part of their meal. Their fast-growing bodies use food differently; the food is actually incorporated into their structure. The nutrient levels are important in terms of building the body as opposed to just providing fuel for those of us already full grown. They’re more susceptible to toxins, they have a blood-brain barrier that’s not fully developed, their microbiome is not fully developed, and they eat more per body weight than adults.

They’re not just smaller adults, they’re different. Almost a different species. They have different physiologies and unfortunately, the toxins, the allergens, the nutritional problems that may occur with GMOs are all the more dangerous for children.

In addition, there are epigenetic effects. This means you take a substance and it changes your gene expression – those are more malleable, more influenced when the person is younger. So if you’re older, you’re set in your ways, but if you’re younger, the changes that may occur in how your genes express themselves may be changed from genetically engineered foods or Roundup. We know that gene expression is changed in lab animals when they’re fed GMOs.

For these reasons, it’s very important to introduce an organic diet. Not just when the child is small, but before conception, because the health of the parents can affect the health of the growing fetus and the outcomes in the life of the child.

Safe eating for yourself and your children.