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  • We have a pattern of health issues getting better when people switch to non-GMO as well as animals, including livestock and pets. Similar problems arise in animal feeding studies with epidemiological evidence
  • We have likely reasons why GMOs and Roundup cause these problems.
  • The Roundup sprayed on most GMOs is a terrible herbicide related to many diseases plaguing us today. Stay clear by eating organic

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Patterns Emerge

Since 1996 our founder, Jeffrey Smith, has been talking to folks about what they eat. They tell him how they’re health improved  after switching to a non-GMO diet. He thought the impact would be more subtle changes in epidemiological statistics or disease rates. He didn’t expect such drastic changes despite being aware of studies showing certain animals like rats had massive damage to their systems in just ten days on a GMO diet.

But then he started speaking to medical doctors who prescribe non-GMO diets to patients. More and more doctors were prescribing such diets year after year.

Finally, he took a video camera and interviewed them.  The doctors related patients getting better immediately, quickly, with tremendous, dramatic results from a variety of different diseases and disorders. Some of them put thousands of their patients on non-GMO and often organic diets and noticed the change.

He then started interviewing people in his lecture audiences.  At about 150 lectures, the same thing: people raised their hands saying their health changed once they rid the diet of GMOs. Digestion disorders getting better represented the biggest issue, and then brain fog and fatigue, and weight, and then others.

So we then surveyed the subscription list at the Institute for Responsible Technology.  We had 3,256 people respond and they describe the same thing: getting better from 28 different conditions in the same relative frequency observed in the 150 lectures.

Now, of those lectures, maybe two dozen or so were in medical conferences where the audience was not just talking about their own impact, but the changes in their patients or clients, and that was by the thousands.

Jeffrey also started interviewing farmers who put their pigs and cows on non-GMO feed. The animals showed the same reaction as humans: getting better.  Expanding further, veterinarians reported that pets improved when they were switched to non-GMO or organic food. So we had similar problems getting better in animals and humans.

If you look at the animal feeding studies (and there’s plenty of evidence on these pages), they list a slew of problems in various organs and systems, and these are often the precursors to those same diseases. And those same diseases happen to be rising in the U.S. population in parallel with the increased use of GMOs and the Roundup herbicide sprayed on them.

That correlation doesn’t prove anything. But in the context of that pattern, it’s very significant. Especially that now we have plausible reasons why GMOs could be causing those particular diseases.

GMOs and Disease

The process of genetic engineering creates mutations and deletions that can happen all throughout the DNA. As a result, allergens can increase if it’s already existing in the food or through the introduction of a new allergen. Same thing with toxins; same thing with carcinogens; same thing with nutrition issues.

And all of that has been found in GMOs, both at the experimental level and also even at the commercial level. GMO corn, for example, has higher levels of existing toxins and a whole new allergen. And you can find this information in these pages.

So the process of genetic engineering is like throwing a dart at our DNA and saying “we’ll just turn this one off or turn this one on or make this one higher,” disregarding the collateral damage.

That could explain a lot or all of these disorders. But that’s not all.

Roundup and Disease

The Roundup sprayed on most GMOs is a terrible herbicide. If you’re spraying it or your neighbors are spraying it, stay clear.

It was originally patented as a descaler to clean boilers and pipes because it grabs onto minerals. It strips the minerals off the pipes and the boilers. But it also makes crops mineral deficient. It binds with minerals in our body depriving us of minerals that were already there ready to be used, and that is the basis for many diseases.

It also is listed as a probable human carcinogen by the International Agency For Research On Cancer (IRAC), part of the World Health Organization (WHO), the top committee making that determination. And it’s been implicated in many different types of cancers.

Roundup is also patented as an antibiotic. You don’t want to be eating an antibiotic. As such Roundup specifically kills the beneficial bacteria in our guts, not the nasty stuff. An improper balance of gut bacteria is a precursor to most diseases, as is inflammation.  Roundup is linked to inflammation as are GMOs!

Roundup is indicated as an endocrine disruptor and a problem in the creation of serotonin, dopamine, and melatonin. It can damage mitochondria (according to peer-reviewed research) which are key for overall health, energy, longevity, and prevention of cancer.

Glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) breaks the gaps of human cells in laboratories creating leaky gut or leaky brain. It’s been shown to cause digestive issues in animal studies, and it’s linked to birth defects.

Findings also supports glyphosate’s role in depression, anxiety, fatigue and ADHD. To learn more about these findings, click here to listen to Jeffrey explain.

So Roundup alone is potentially responsible for these disorders and diseases. And by the way, Roundup is not just sprayed on GMOs that are Roundup-ready, it’s also sprayed as a dry-down or a desiccant on grains and beans. And so if you’re eating anything, just eat organic and you’ll avoid the GMOs and the Roundup and other toxic chemicals.

Other Concerns

The Bt toxin produced in GMO corn and cotton and some soy (in South America) is linked to immune system problems. It creates holes in the insects’ guts to kill them. In laboratory settings with high concentrations, it also creates holes in human cells. So that may be relating to leaky gut, leaky brain, etc.

Then there’s the disease-resistant GMO crops: papaya, zucchini, and yellow squash. Evidence suggests that they might actually weaken our immune system defense against certain viruses, because of the presence of viral proteins.

Then there’s the non-browning apple and potato. Be sure to look at the section on double-stranded RNA [LINK] where eating that apple or potato could literally reprogram your own DNA. Not change the structure of it, but reprogram the expression of it, because that’s actually what the double-stranded RNA is designed to do.


This is clearly complicated. You can read it at your leisure in these chapters and further resources on the site.. Needless to say, here’s the point.

We have a pattern of problems in humans getting better when they switch to non-GMO, in animals including livestock and pets, similar problems in animal feeding studies, epidemiological evidence, and we have probable reasons why GMOs and Roundup cause these problems.

So learn to avoid eating GMOs in the other section that you can click to now.