GMO Free Los Angeles/ GMO Free Southern California

by Stacey Hall

GMO Free Los Angeles began in January of 2011, a few months after the Institute for Responsible Technology launched the Tipping Point Network. We started out slowly, and only a few of us showed up to the first meetings. Last March we had a big rally in Los Angeles along with the Millions Against Monsanto campaign to label GMOs. We were so excited to see Jeffrey Smith show up at our rally and he also helped us organize our activists while speaking at the Health Freedom Expo in Long Beach. That meeting spawned 3 different groups in the Los Angeles vicinity – W. Los Angeles, Pasadena and North Los Angeles -Ventura.

Besides meetings and showing movies to the community, our TPN groups are out in the community educating the public about the risks of GMOs through tabling at festivals and events in town. Many people who come to our booths don’t even know what a “GMO” is but there is always a huge amount of interest no matter where we go. We also offer speakers to different organizations who want to learn about GMOs ; and we reach out and coordinate events with other organizations in the area who care deeply about health and environment.

Recently, a woman named Pamm Larry started the process of putting a GMO labeling initiative on the California 2012 ballot. This prospect has ignited an excitement in thousands of Californians and has helped us grow so big that we have had to change our Facebook name to GMO Free Southern California. We now have 7 activist groups in Southern California and we are still growing. Check out our Facebook page – GMO Free Southern California to keep informed of our activities.

No matter if you have a labeling initiative or not, the momentum is on our side folks! If we want to see GMOs labeled or eliminated we must act NOW. I for one can’t stand the thought of having to eat one more GMO in my lifetime besides feeding it to my growing children. I dream of the day when my 14 year old daughter grows up and has her own children and hope that her life won’t be focused around protecting her babies from a poisoned food supply like ours is. If we work hard, I believe that dream will become a reality.

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