GMO T-Shirt Contest!

UPDATE: Contest deadline extended to August 22, 2011
How do you convey all the vast problems with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in a simple T-shirt? How do you depict the extensive health dangers, the irreversible contamination of the gene pool, corporate control over farmers and our food supply, the patenting and ownership of life, the enormous loss of biodiversity, the rigged corporate research, the continuous lies about how GMOs offer higher yields and will feed the world, and the long line of independent scientists who’ve been attacked whenever they discover problems—or even criticize the technology. And how can that same T-shirt also convey the feeling of empowerment by making healthier non-GMO choices, the massive consumer revolt now brewing against GMOs, the fact that only a small percentage of consumers can spark a non-GMO tipping point, and the awesome celebration just over the horizon when we re-claim a non-GMO food supply?


I have no idea. But you might. Go to the GMO T-Shirt Design Contest and either submit your own entry, or VOTE for your favorite.

And if it doesn’t quite contain the complete GMO message, perhaps you will find (or design) one that is most compelling, appealing, shocking, funny, beautiful, or outrageous. And the best of them all, the chosen design, will help us fund the campaign that will deliver that awesome non-GMO celebration we are all waiting and working for.

So don’t just sit there. <Click here to enter your designs to the GMO T-shirt contest!

Safe Eating,

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