Keeping Up With Jeffrey

April Update:

April 16th: Facebook Live: Monsanto Trial has new incriminating evidence. Jeffrey Smith and Kelly Ryerson—The Glyphosate Girl—share the information that this judge allowed as evidence, but the past two judges censored.

April 12th: Facebook Live: Glyphosate (Roundup) in our urine, in our food, in our hair, in our pets. Jeffrey Smith interviews Larry Bohlen, who shares shocking test results from his lab.

Mar 20th: Jeffrey and HGMOs did a webinar on Detoxing from Roundup with a Sauna.


April: The End Game by Jeffrey Smith.

April 10th: Echo water webinar

April: New Join Us Video:

April 16th: Jeffrey was interviewed for the Conscious Eating Summit.

Mar 22nd: Jeffrey was interviewed for 1.5 hours the Children’s Health Summit 4.

Mar 25th: Jeffrey was in TTAC Eastern Medicine.

March 15th: Facebook Live: TERRIBLE! GMO Salmon coming to your plates soon. What can we do about it?

Mar 16th: Facebook live: Jeffrey, This is Why You Must Eat Organic.

Mar. 19th: WE WON MONSANTO Cancer case Phase One! In spite of a judge who appeared to work on behalf of Monsanto, the jury unanimously agreed that Roundup caused the cancer of Edward Hardeman. Phase II is next.


Mar 18th: 1-hour radio interview with Dr. Ben Edwards which reaches west Texas and eastern New Mexico.

Mar 19th: 2-hour interview on Coast to Coast.

April 19th: Jeffrey was interviewed for the Wellness Mama Podcast.

Mar. 29th: Jeffrey was on Coast to Coast for 15 minutes.

Mar 28th: Jeffrey was interviewed for SAMA: a health interview live show. 1-hour interview here 

January Update:

2019 is off to a busy start for intrepid leader and founder, Jeffrey Smith! He’s been interviewed for 2 summits, 3 documentaries, 3 radio shows, spoken live at 3 speaking engagements and gone live on FB 14 times- all in under 3 months, WOW!

Jan. 3rd:LIVE: A powerful mind-shifting and priority-shifting strategy for 2019.

Jan. 11th: LIVE: A completely different take on the Government shutdown.


Jan. 18th: LIVE: The latest shaming tactics by the biotech industry.

Jan. 25: CAUGHT!: How Monsanto, the EPA and European regulators pretend that Roundup (glyphosate) doesn’t cause cancer. (And how the WHO got it right!) 

Feb 1: LIVE: Veterinarian discusses serious health dangers in pet food. 

Feb 1: LIVE: Vandana Shiva and Jeffrey Smith talk about Monsanto/Bayer, GMOs, Glyphosate, and more. 

  • Jan. 31st: Jeffrey was interviewed for 3 different films being directed by Jonathan Otto .
  • Jan. 9th: Jeffrey was interviewed for the Art of Anti-Aging.Feb 11th: 6 Comments 33 Shares.

Jeffrey Smith talks with Carey Gillam, Investigative Journalist. 

Feb 15th: LIVE: Are we accidentally POISONING our Pets? Watch at least the first 5 minutes, where Dr. Barbara Royal (Oprah’s veterinarian) shares shocking information about pet food with Jeffrey Smith. Save an animal’s life by sharing and re-posting!

Feb 18th: LIVE: 20 years ago, a little-known event may have saved this planet. Today, we can thank the hero.


Feb 25th: Attended the Monsanto trial opening statements

  • March 5-9th Natural Products Expo West

March 7: LIVE: Jeffrey talks with Karen Slusher, from Azure Standard, a mother, and secret ingredients viewer.