Keeping Up With Jeffrey

June Update:

  • June 3rd: Jeffrey participated in an in-person interview for an upcoming documentary called Reverse Autoimmune disease.
  • June 11th: Jeffrey was interviewed on Mission: Evolution Radio for 1 hour. Here’s the interview.

  • June 6th: Facebook LIVE: This may be the easiest way ever to protect the health and lives of dogs and cats. Jeffrey Smith invites you to take part in an experiment, designed to create a tipping point of consumer demand for pet food without GMOs and Roundup. Once the pet owners in the US find out the impact of the “normal” pet food on the health of their pets, there will be a stampede to organic varieties.  

May Update:

  • May 10th: Jeffrey was interviewed for the John B Wells Radio Show.
  • May 15th: Jeffrey was interviewed for Good Morning La La Land TV.

  • May 17th: Jeffrey was interviewed on Coast to Coast.

  • May 20th: Jeffrey was interviewed for the Science of Weight Control summit

  • May 3rd Facebook Live: The EPA once again lies about Monsanto’s Roundup! Find out how they get away with it…or not.

  • May 13th Facebook Live BREAKING!!! Jury says MONSANTO needs to pay $2 BILLION to couple that got cancer from Roundup.

  • May 13th: Facebook Live from the Press Conference of Pilliod v Monsanto. Monsanto loses trial. $2 billion awarded!

  • May 20th: Facebook Live: Mike Gioscia’s son had autism and his daughter had asthma. Listen to what happened when they starting eating more and more organic. Mike’s story is one of many featured in the movie Secret Ingredients, by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart. Jeffrey interviews Mike and they take your questions.

  • May 20th Facebook Live: David Stelzer, a life-long organic farmer, and Jeffrey Smith, non-GMO and organic activist, share surprising insights into the impact of organic eating. And they discuss some of the near-miraculous health recoveries in the film Secret Ingredients, by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart.

  • May 20th Facebook Live: The Importance of Organic Food with David “Avocado” Wolfe and Special Guest Jeffrey Smith. Organic food isn’t perfect, yet its a great start and better than conventionally-sprayed chemical food. Jeffrey Smith is founder of the Institute for Responsible Technology. His new film is entitled: Secret Ingredients (you can watch it here: Jeffrey will be discussing healing foods and diets.

  • May 22nd: Facebook Live: Dr. Michelle Perro, from the movie Secret Ingredients, and co-director Jeffrey Smith, answer questions and give deeper insight into the enormous health damage that is created to the population by Roundup herbicide sprayed on our food, as well as the GMOs throughout our food supply. AND what we can do about it!

  • May 23rd: Facebook Live: Jeffrey Smith answers your questions on GMOs, Roundup, the Monsanto trial, and the movie Secret Ingredients, and describes a 90-Day Lifestyle Upgrade program that helps you successfully adopt a healthy, organic lifestyle…affordably.

  • May 25th Facebook Live: David Wolfe speaking to Secret Ingredients Film Maker Jeffrey Smith.

  • May 26th Facebook Live: Views. Kathleen and her family had 21 chronic health conditions between the 5 of them… Until she made one major change in their diet. Her dramatic and emotional transformation is documented in the movie, Secret Ingredients, by Jeffrey Smith and Amy Hart. Listen LIVE to Kathleen and Jeffrey, get an update, and ask your questions.

  • May 27th: Facebook Live: Meet the hero attorney who won the $2 billion lawsuit against Monsanto and the original win last summer as well. Brent Wisner shares Monsanto’s dark secrets, and the way they committed scientific fraud, covered up evidence, and colluded with the EPA. He’s joined by Jeffrey Smith, also an expert on the dark dealings of Monsanto and dangers of Roundup.

  • May 15-May 22nd: Free showing of Jeffrey’s SI film and 90-day challenge launch.
  • April and May: Interviewed 14 experts via Zoom for his 90-day challenge program.

April Update:

April 26th: BREAKING! Glyphosate damaged the NEXT GENERATION of rats and the NEXT one after that. That’s right. Exposure to Roundup might hurt your great-grandchildren.

  • April 16th: Facebook Live: Monsanto Trial has new incriminating evidence. Jeffrey Smith and Kelly Ryerson—The Glyphosate Girl—share the information that this judge allowed as evidence, but the past two judges censored.

April 12th: Facebook Live: Glyphosate (Roundup) in our urine, in our food, in our hair, in our pets. Jeffrey Smith interviews Larry Bohlen, who shares shocking test results from his lab.

Mar 20th: Jeffrey and HGMOs did a webinar on Detoxing from Roundup with a Sauna.


April: The End Game by Jeffrey Smith.

April 10th: Echo water webinar

April: New Join Us Video:

April 16th: Jeffrey was interviewed for the Conscious Eating Summit.

Mar 22nd: Jeffrey was interviewed for 1.5 hours the Children’s Health Summit 4.

Mar 25th: Jeffrey was in TTAC Eastern Medicine.

March 15th: Facebook Live: TERRIBLE! GMO Salmon coming to your plates soon. What can we do about it?

Mar 16th: Facebook live: Jeffrey, This is Why You Must Eat Organic.

Mar. 19th: WE WON MONSANTO Cancer case Phase One! In spite of a judge who appeared to work on behalf of Monsanto, the jury unanimously agreed that Roundup caused the cancer of Edward Hardeman. Phase II is next.


Mar 18th: 1-hour radio interview with Dr. Ben Edwards which reaches west Texas and eastern New Mexico.

Mar 19th: 2-hour interview on Coast to Coast.

April 19th: Jeffrey was interviewed for the Wellness Mama Podcast.

Mar. 29th: Jeffrey was on Coast to Coast for 15 minutes.

Mar 28th: Jeffrey was interviewed for SAMA: a health interview live show. 1-hour interview here 

January Update:

2019 is off to a busy start for intrepid leader and founder, Jeffrey Smith! He’s been interviewed for 2 summits, 3 documentaries, 3 radio shows, spoken live at 3 speaking engagements and gone live on FB 14 times- all in under 3 months, WOW!

Jan. 3rd:LIVE: A powerful mind-shifting and priority-shifting strategy for 2019.

Jan. 11th: LIVE: A completely different take on the Government shutdown.


Jan. 18th: LIVE: The latest shaming tactics by the biotech industry.

Jan. 25: CAUGHT!: How Monsanto, the EPA and European regulators pretend that Roundup (glyphosate) doesn’t cause cancer. (And how the WHO got it right!) 

Feb 1: LIVE: Veterinarian discusses serious health dangers in pet food. 

Feb 1: LIVE: Vandana Shiva and Jeffrey Smith talk about Monsanto/Bayer, GMOs, Glyphosate, and more. 

  • Jan. 31st: Jeffrey was interviewed for 3 different films being directed by Jonathan Otto .
  • Jan. 9th: Jeffrey was interviewed for the Art of Anti-Aging.Feb 11th: 6 Comments 33 Shares.

Jeffrey Smith talks with Carey Gillam, Investigative Journalist. 

Feb 15th: LIVE: Are we accidentally POISONING our Pets? Watch at least the first 5 minutes, where Dr. Barbara Royal (Oprah’s veterinarian) shares shocking information about pet food with Jeffrey Smith. Save an animal’s life by sharing and re-posting!

Feb 18th: LIVE: 20 years ago, a little-known event may have saved this planet. Today, we can thank the hero.


Feb 25th: Attended the Monsanto trial opening statements

  • March 5-9th Natural Products Expo West

March 7: LIVE: Jeffrey talks with Karen Slusher, from Azure Standard, a mother, and secret ingredients viewer.