Name our Mascot Contest!

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The Institute for Responsible Technology needs your help in creating a name for our GMO free mascot for our soon to be added website!

If your name is selected for our mascot you will have the choice in awards between $50 in cash or two of Jeffrey Smith’s award winning books Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette, as well as the DVD Scientists Under Attack!

All you have to do is sign up using the URL below! The contest will end April 30th at 11:59PM MT and the winner will be announced shortly after!

Enter contest here!… Read More Name our Mascot Contest!

Food Integrity: Welcome to A Better World by Frederick Ravid

April 2012: Spring is the season of renewal and resurrection that speaks
straight to the power of CHOICE. Nature’s prolific symphony of growth and
blossoms delightfully lead us to Pass Over from Slavery to Freedom.
We join the singing birds and we dance to an ancient rhythm; we boldly chart
a new course. Choice expresses everything noble in life itself.,
Choice is inseparable from life itself: without Choice there IS no life.
Only Choice cascades benefits. Choice is a Universal Constant and its power
to bring renewal is a Universal Law. When choices abound, health and
happiness are not far behind; neither is love, and money.
Self-determination, the First Principal of the American Republic, is Choice.
Choice, at the root, flowers as the inalienable rights expressed in the
Declaration of Independence. Every person, family, tribe, faction, of
movement – every nation, every brave voyage across the vast seas of history
completely agrees: Freedom of Choice is KEY. The only disagreement EVER is
about the nature or control of: Choice.… Read More Food Integrity: Welcome to A Better World by Frederick Ravid