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Page at a Glance – THE COVER-UP

  • Monsanto and the FDA claim GMOs are safe and the same as their counterpart
  • GMO approval flawed from the beginning
  • Conflicts of interest abound
  • Scientists bias and rigged research came to light in the Monsanto trials

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Fraud – GMO

GMO Myths and Truths Report

Monsanto Papers/Secret Documents


Genetic Roulette

The Brent Wisner Series


Monsanto and the FDA have been covering up the health dangers of GMOs for years. Their fraud has been the basis of allowing this catastrophe to take place in our food supply and our environment. The person in charge of policy at the FDA that gave GMOs a free pass was Michael Taylor, former attorney to Monsanto and later Monsanto’s Vice President. He said “We don’t see any significant differences between GMOs and non-GMOs.” Therefore, no testing is necessary, no labeling is necessary and companies like Monsanto can determine on their own if their GMOs are safe, and not even tell the FDA if they want to put it on the market. He’d been given a job in the FDA created for him after the first Bush Administration White House instructed the FDA to promote GMOs.

Everyone in government and everyone that listens to the FDA says, “GMOs are no different. They’re the same.” When you look at the documents that were actually circulated among the scientists and leaders of the FDA at the time, it turns out the overwhelming consensus among the scientists working at the agency was exactly the opposite. That GMOs were different, dangerous, could lead to allergens, toxins, new diseases, nutritional problems, and that they deserve in-depth studies, including human toxicological studies, that were never done and never required.

In the Monsanto trials, this collusion came to light. You can watch/read in-depth about those trial in these pages.

Someone named Jess Rowland was kind of Monsanto’s lapdog, and worked on their behalf, declared the EPA policy that glyphosate, the chief poison in Roundup, does not cause cancer. He was in charge of the committee that made that determination, and peer-reviewed research showed how the committee cherry-picked that data. They used industry studies that were never published and ignored the peer-reviewed studies that international agencies use to determine the opposite – that Roundup is likely a human carcinogen.

We have government collusion, but we also have the treatment of scientists who discover problems. In the first chapter of Jeffrey’s book, Seeds of Deception, Jeffrey talks about Dr. Arpad Pusztai who discovered that the generic process of genetic engineering caused massive damage in rats in just 10 days – potentially pre-cancerous cell growth in the digestive tract, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy of the liver and damaged immune system. He said it was a result of the generic process, not the particular gene that he inserted into the potatoes and then fed the rats. He was fired from his job after 35 years and silenced with threats of a lawsuit. He was the poster child, basically treated in such a way that no one wanted to do any research on GMOs after that.

However, some people still did, like Dr. Gilles-Eric Séralini. He discovered that GMOs and the Roundup, both individually or together, promote in rats (over two years) massive tumors, early death, and organ damage. He too was attacked with completely nonscientific arguments, repeated so often by an echo chamber of people working on behalf of Monsanto, often paid under the table. We now have evidence to show that Monsanto suppressed the media coverage and suppressed the results that should have occurred in government agencies that would have required more stringent testing and maybe even taken products off the market. One of the things that they found was that when the industry does their research, they rig it very specifically to avoid finding problems.

In the third part of Jeffrey’s book, Genetic Roulette, there’s a 41-page section all about how the industry has bad science down to a science. They use the wrong detection methods, the wrong statistical methods, unscientific claims to pretend that the damage was not related to the GMO; they have too short tests on animals and too few subjects. In fact, when they compare animals fed their GMOs and Roundup, their control group often eats GMOs and Roundup. It’s a complete facade.

Here’s one example of a very blatant technique that Monsanto did to try and claim that Roundup, when it’s sprayed, doesn’t get absorbed into the skin when they found out there was a 10% absorption rate. This was over three times higher than the allowable level by the EPA. They never reported it to the EPA, had they reported it, it would have prevented the use of Roundup. So, they took a cadaver – a dead body, which is what they use for these skin absorption tests and they cut the skin out and they baked it in an oven. They baked it in an oven and then they froze it. It was like leather after that, and then they put the Roundup on it and lo and behold, only a very little bit of the Roundup got through. That’s what they reported. They never told the FDA, or the EPA in this case, that they had baked and then frozen the human skin to get that result. They just did it and reported it. There’s a lot of examples like this. Listen to more about examples like this in an interview Jeffrey did with Brent Wisner. You don’t want to miss that. It’s amazing what they get away with. They continue to claim no dangers, no problem. The abstract of their studies will claim safety, but the details show otherwise.