Wisner Interviews

Unfortunately, the plaintiffs have non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
due to exposure to Roundup.

Fortunately, they have Attorney Brett Wisner in their corner.

“I just watched the Brent Wisner interviews and they were great!  Thank you!  A modern day David vs Goliath story.” -Gloria E.

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Behind the Scenes from the Landmark Monsanto Trial

A Five-Part Interview Series with Jeffrey Smith and Brent Wisner

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Get the inside scoop on Monsanto’s strategic, purposeful programs to discredit the scientists and eliminate the evidence that proves the dangers of Roundup.

Check out the summaries of what you’ll discover in this six-part interview series:

  • Delivering a $2 BILLION “GUT PUNCH” to Monsanto
    Jeffrey interviews Brent after his second historic verdict against Monsanto (Pilliod v Monsanto) – where the jury awarded $2 billion in damages. Hear what compelled them to send a clear and strong message to the biotech giant, how the EPA failed us decades ago and Brent’s perspective on the future in this fight.
  • The Rookie Off the Bench Saves the Day!
    Listen in to Brent Wisner’s moving story of how freak accidents to Lee Johnson’s attorneys landed Wisner in charge of this epic high-stakes trial just two weeks before it started. Discover the dramatic events leading up to the historic verdict.
  • Monsanto’s HUGE Mistake: How we got the secret Monsanto Papers
    This video reveals the courtroom drama of how The Monsanto Papers — their internal corporate documents — were exposed during the trial and then released to the public. Watch this moving tale of one attorney’s courage as he risks his law license and reputation to pierce Monsanto’s veil of corporate deceit and manipulation.
  • Monsanto’s Shocking Disregard for Science and Truth
    In this interview, Wisner outlines Monsanto’s shocking manipulation and willful disregard of scientific evidence which proves the harm caused by Roundup. This video goes deep into the science of GMOs and pesticides, with Jeffrey Smith mining his decades of experience and Brent bringing his deep understanding gained from his trial research and preparation.
  • The Most Dramatic (and Pivotal) Day of the Trial
    This highly personal and riveting interview recounts Lee Johnson’s heroic testimony, and its winning impact on the jury, as well as the testimony of his wife and physician. Wisner also provides the insider information that just the day before Johnson’s testimony, his team was gravely concerned about the outcome of the trial.
  • Guilty! Monsanto Acted with Malice
    In this interview, Wisner outlines Monsanto’s malice and blatant disregard for human safety as demonstrated in their own documents and even in their statements and behavior during the trial. Wisner explains how this evidence provided the basis for the enormous punitive damages award. Despite the recent reduction in Johnson’s award, the judge upheld the verdict that Monsanto was acting with malice.

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