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Transcription: Q & A with Jeffrey Smith HOW TO DETOX FROM GLYPHOSATE

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Jeffrey Smith (00:10):

This is Jeffrey Smith and I’m with Bethany, who is the major player at the Institute for Responsible Technology, doing so much. And one of the things that Bethany does is answer questions from you when you email us. So Bethany, tell us a question that you get a lot that people want to know the answer to.


A lot of people ask how you can detox from glyphosate?

Jeffrey Smith:

You know, I’ve gotten that in on the road. In fact, the bigger question is how can we detox, how can we rebuild and repair the system? And for years I had one answer and it was simply. “It’s above my pay grade.” I didn’t want to try and give medical advice. I was not qualified. I’m not qualified, but it turns out I’m overqualified to ask the questions to the experts because I know a lot of details about what glyphosate does in the body and I get to explore


how we can repair the microbiome, the leaky gut, the inflammation, the toxicity of the cells, the genotoxicity, the mineral deficiencies, all of that. And so, I was at a conference, it was an environmental health conference. And I remember interviewing Dietrich Klinghardt who’s very famous among alternative health practitioners. I think he had learned about the dangers of glyphosate from me and from others and in his PowerPoint, he told the other doctors, “This is the number one concern that we should be focusing on for health right now.” He was the one that blew the whistle on mercury. He’s the one that blew the whistle, I think, on Lyme disease as well. So now he’s focusing on glyphosate. So I was very gratified, but when I interviewed him, he said, “You know, we have a glyphosate detox protocol.”


And I was excited because finally, I got to answer the questions that people are asking. So I interviewed him, Dr. Mercola, Josh Axe, Lee Cowden, Karen Krishnan, Zach Bush and 18 experts as to how to detox, repair and rebuild the system because they were qualified to answer the questions. And I was qualified to ask, so I can give you some points that we brought up. But I’d like to suggest that you take a deep dive and go into Healing from GMOs and Roundup. As for the course, you can go to or through and take a look and see if the course is for you. It was interesting that Dietrich Klinghardt and Lee Cowden talked about infrared saunas. So we were able to arrange a discount on a sauna. I investigated saunas for months and found one full-spectrum sauna and other bells and whistles, something you could zip up to your neck and keep your head out.


So it doesn’t get hot. You can watch TV while you’re in the sauna. And they had different protocols of what to do. Like Dietrich. Klinghardt talked about taking cilantro or some other binder an hour and a half before, so that when you loosen up the toxins, the chlorella would grab onto the toxins and bring them out of the body. There were different protocols that were introduced and my job is not to try and marginalize them and create one that makes sense, that IS above my pay grade, but rather to present various choices as part of the rebuilding. The microbiome is decimated by a Roundup. Glyphosate is an antibiotic that preferentially kills the beneficial bacteria in the gut rather than the pathogens. So we talked to Zach Bush about a product that he recommends, and we were able to get discounts at some point.


And we were able to talk to Kiran Krishnan about probiotic spores that can counteract the effects. Purium has a product. I talked to David Sandoval and Endre Nagy about a product that had some very good preclinical trials. I’m hesitant to just name them all because I think hearing them in the context of what the experts say about them is a safer way for me to go. So I’m just telling you that these folks, these experts have data that you may want to know about and very specific product recommendations and also lifestyle recommendations. Julie Daniluk, who wrote a book on detoxification, talks about which vegetables and fruits to eat, to support the two-phase detox in the liver. And that is absolutely necessary because the liver is damaged by glyphosate. And we know this for sure. There’s also the use of fermented vegetables.


And we interviewed a chef-nutritionist-inventor who created an easy way to create fermented products that take the worry out and you can do it quicker than you can prepare food for dinner. And she’s got recipes so we can add spices, etc. So it’s a small question, but it’s a huge answer. And I’m not going to give the simple protocol, do all these things. I will say that you have to address it because glyphosate damages the foundations of our health, as well as the GMOs as well as the BT toxin. But we know more about how glyphosate and Roundup block the absorption of essential minerals, which knocks off certain metabolic pathways, blocks the pathway that produces the precursors to the neurotransmitters, serotonin, melatonin, and dopamine. So that can explain anxiety and depression and sleep problems, etc. It damages the microbiome and creates leaky gut, damages


the mitochondria, can lead to cancer and birth defects. It can suppress digestion and can alter hormones. These are foundational. It also blocks the cellular communication through something called gap junctions. It also helps prevent the detoxification of the body through the liver, as well as the cellular detoxification. So it’s a disaster. When you think about a protocol to counter these, what you’re really doing is strengthening the foundations of the entire system. So it turns out that this healing from GMOs and Roundup course is also foundational for health, irrespective of your exposure to GMOs and Roundup because it strengthens each of these areas because each of these areas needs strengthening in general. But particularly, if you’ve been exposed to GMOs and Roundup. So, sorry for the complicated answer, Bethany. I’m handing it over to the experts to give everyone a deeper explanation.


I mean, it can get pretty particular. Josh Axe talks about the different body types and Ayurveda and in Chinese medicine, how the same glyphosate toxin or GMOs can affect different people differently and it’ll have effects on their body, on their mood, whether they’re angry or whatnot. And we saw in the movie Secret Ingredients, one family of five, all having serious and different symptoms. They were all related to the food, the GMOs, and glyphosate. We know because when they took it out, everyone got better. So it shows that there’s diversity in how the problems manifest, but there are some good universal recommendations for cleaning up your act. And yes, glyphosate does get lodged into the body. We know from radiolabeled studies, that it can get right into the bone. No wonder Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is a cancer related to glyphosate because it comes out of the bone marrow. Most of the glyphosate leaves through the urine because it’s water-soluble, but some get into the organs, some get into the bone and according to one observer, it takes about 14 days for a lot of that to go. But some of it still sticks around. So it is worth paying attention to. So are you sad you asked the question?


I am not, that was amazing. Thank you.

Jeffrey Smith:

Sure. Safe Eating